Investor Watch

Investor Watch


Investor Watch was established as a non-profit company by Mark Campanale and Nick Robins in 2009 to align capital markets with the goal of social and ecological sustainability.

The first program of Investor Watch was the Carbon Tracker Initiative which led to the release of the Unburnable Carbon report in July 2011 and Wasted Capital and Stranded Assets report in April 2013.

In 2014, the Carbon Tracker Initiative Limited was incorporated to help formalise Carbon Tracker’s research program and set the stage for Investor Watch to focus on a number of other projects to track natural capital.


Investor Watch aims are to “promote socially responsible investment and corporate social responsibility in particular but without limitation by:
• Promoting the incorporation of the principles of social and environmental sustainability into the governance and operation of capital markets globally;
• Promoting the recording, analysis, accounting, reporting and disclosure of the carbon intensity and environmental impact of capital markets and the companies that use them; and
• Promoting openness and transparency concerning the activities of investors, stocks exchanges, market regulators, listed companies and other market actors including but not limited to accountants, brokers and other financial intermediaries. “